Rolando L Herrera

One of the things that differentiates a Marketing Professional from a Growth Hacker is the expertise and savvy that goes into the implementation of SEO techniques. Rolando Herrera for example is a marketing expert that has run multiple case studies over the years to test the algorithm and determine what the best way to manage it for businesses would be. One could liken the Web to an ocean and the algorithm a wave that you should learn to ride and maneuver. It’s true that what you learn today might not be there tomorrow but if you practice your craft on a day to day basis and can anticipate the next wave you’ll ride the Search Engine Optimization all the way to the top. Rolando Herrera Is one of the top SEO Experts in the business and a great source of education for all things SEO. Here at Edutian we welcome you to get to know him and click on the links for more information on one of the prominent figures in Marketing. The great thing about Rolando is that he understands marketing concepts and how to deliver them. He’s worked with companies like Walt Disney and has been effectively increasing customer success by focusing on customers and audience conversion. You can learn a lot if you know who to work with and learn from.