XTech Staffing

We’re a national company and we were looking for National Staffing Solutions, XTech Staffing provided us with that. They’re an Austin Staffing Company that apparently, services businesses worldwide. Not only did we get the best candidates for positions we had but we got a look at some pretty good articles on their blog. They have a great article, Interview Attire for Women that I had to share with a lot of my co-workers because it was something we’ve talked about here in the HR department. It’s rare to see a staffing company be such a resource to both Employers and Employees. We have a couple other offices in the United States and where very pleased to see that XTech Staffing could assist us everywhere basically. We looked up Staffing Agencies NYC and there was XTech at the top of the Search Engine. It made us feel comfortable knowing that they could help us in some local markets and had a presence in different parts of the country. We even looked up Staffing Agencies Houston and Staffing Agencies in Dallas TX and found XTech on the 1st page again. One of the most important things for a business like us is feeling comfortable with the decisions we make and making sure we don’t make a mistake and create liabilities for us. So for us trust is the most important thing when making any selection. We are very happy we used XTech for this.