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About 6 months ago our company was looking for an Austin SEO Company because we were having difficulties showing up online and on the first page for a lot of keyword phrases. Our company has had a website for the last 10 years and yet new companies that had just come into the market where showing up on top of us. We found a Free SEO Analysis tool that allowed us to measure where were at for the keywords we wanted to show for and where surprised to see the amount of information available to us on the subject. We then reached out to the best Austin Advertising Agencies to get a quote and see if we could get the situation remedied. We were surprised by the options offered to us as there where so many different formats as it relayed to services. We even looked up the keyword phrase San Antonio SEO Firm and Dallas SEO Expert to see if that would give us more agencies to choose from. However, at the end we chose the Insignia SEO Company. They do more than SEO and where able to educate us on marketing and how marketing can work for the company. We are new to digital marketing tools but have embraced them the last couple of months and couldn’t be happier. We are getting the local results we were looking for. We needed a customized solution that made sense and worked. They even gave us a guarantee on their services.